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and emotional. and then he got a $1 million advance to do a memoir. he had his contract doubled at cnn, making $4 million. >> cenk: that sounds good. >> right? we calculated as a staff who are the 50 most powerful gay and lesbian americans. he was number two, and he was at a really powerful place in his career. he had a big show. here was this guy who pretty much already knew in media who was gay. he had a huge amount of platform and power the way we looked at it at the time was reporting the truth. >> cenk: shana you think by definition he came out too late? you think he should have come out in 2007. >> it would have been nice to see him come out. the letter that he wrote is beautiful, gorgeous. he's a great writer, articulate, emotional. i think it would have been nice to see. done for sure. just by saying that we opened the door for a lot of media to report on the fact that we had said that he was gay until we got to this point where today there was almost no surprise. many outlets have done stories about rumors of anderson cooper being gay. they reported on the idea of it without saying it
on to something new. the president has a number of half brothers and back in 2008 cnn found within of them in kenya. remember this. >> i never knew my father. i was six-month-old when he died. >> i found george far away from the glamour of the presidential campaign. george obama has lead a very different life. >> i live well. i'm kenyan. so [ inaudible ]. >> well, he sees this and thinks, aha! i have his half brother, and i'm going to go get him! so he includes him in a documentary he is going to release called "2016 obama's america." and here is a peace. >> i saw a story i believe on cnn that obama's half brother, i believe george was living in nairobi in a hut. and i click on the story, and there is a picture. obama had not done anything to help you. >> i think he has a family of his own. he is supposed to help his family. >> right. but don't you think you are part of his family. >> yeah, i'm part of his family but i'm over it. i can help myself. >> you are an adult. you are his brother. has he been your keeper? >> ask him. he has other issues to deal with -- >> well, h
or not he can get good enough ratings to save cnn. which i doubt frankly. at any rate, that's one of the things we'll be talking about this morning here on this tuesday celebration. but first, we go out to los angeles and get all of the latest today's current news update from our good buddy jacki schechner. good morning. >> good morning, bill. the president and mitt romney are both on vacation again today but "the new york times" is reporting that romney has made plans to visit israel later this summer. the confirmation comes from president benjamin netanyahu's office. romney is meeting with other israel's leaders and the president of the palestinian authority during the short less than two day trip. it is an attempt to reach out to jewish voters and evangelical christians and beef up the foreign policy credentials which are a little slim. romney said with regard to his israeli policy, he'll do the opposite of president obama but has not been more specific as to what that means. >>> the u.s. is strengthening its u.s
of justice begin to turn in this case? nobody knows better than avery friedman. we see him on cnn every saturday at noon and 4:00 and we steel him from cnn every once in a while for our ol' legal analysis here avery good morning. >> good morning, bill. >> so what charges do you expect to be filed, and how long is this going to take? what can we expect now? >> two different questions actually. the hearing today won't have anything to do with the charges. the prosecutors right now are literally burning the midnight oil ever since this happens, all the way up to right now never working on it. you have -- and i figured this thing out. you've got about 7 separate crimes. you then have to multiply that times the number of victims, you know, murder, attempted murder and that doesn't even include the trip wire. >> the apartment. >> trying to get the first responders. what you are going to have today is a very quick initial hearing. what's going to happen is holmes will be brought in. he will be told by the magistrate what his rights are. and there will be some effort t
remains confused. and not just those who are watching cnn. according to a new poll released by the pew research center, only 55% of respondents were able to correctly answer that the supreme court upheld the majority of the law. 15% thought the court had rejected most of the provisions. a slightly higher number correctly answered in a poll from the kaiser foundation with 59% aware the law was upheld. joining knee mow is jerrold nadler congressman from the eighth district, one of the few and important voices of reason from our nation's capitol. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for the kind words. >> deserved and earned over many years fighting for justice in the capitol. let's begin with this supreme court opinion. i have said -- in a way it was a trojan horse. yes, we got the statute but embedded in it are constitutional changes. commerce claws first what do you think this means going forward in your capacity as a legislator to enact good legislation? >> i'm somewhat less concerned about the commerce clause
", the washington post and cnn all reported that families making under $250,000 a year would keep their tax cuts but that everyone above that threshold will lose them. in fact, that is not what the president's plan does. every family keeps their tax cuts on the first $250,000 of taxable income. every family only the income that's above 250,000 is taxed at the higher rate, not the entire amount, only that top 1,000 is taxed at the higher rate. how did the media get this so wrong? it might have something to do with the white house's own messaging. here is the president last week. >> i am calling on congress to extend the tax cuts for the 98% of americans who make less than $250,000 for another year. [applause.] >> now that's obviously a good pitch. but he actually might be selling his plan short. joining us via scalp is david sirota for, the author of back to our future and he co-hosts the rundown which is a radio tax talk show that premiered today on khow in denver. david, congratulations on your new show. thanks for being in the war room tonight. >> tha
time. >> we should elaborate. i was on the cnn morning show. and he was a guest, and soledad turned to me and gave me the -- hum, ask the question? and i asked him is mitt romney too conservative in a very polite way. and he had this etch-a-sketch metaphor. >> yeah, i can imagine he's like -- that goofy kind of down-homey, yeah, we had an etch when i was a kid. it's perfect for your thumbs. >> we would never strap an etch-a-sketch to the roof of the car. so then the entire right-wing comes down on eric fehrnstrom and the media does give governor romney a bit of a free ride. >> it has gone beyond free ride -- >> yeah, the lies he gets away with. to obama is attacking business to obama apologizes for america. i'm like dude joseph smith's story doesn't check out either. and hal, you were wrong he wasn't fired, and i was kind of surprised. but there is loyalty. however, yesterday -- >> strike two. >> yeah two days ago rupert murdoch tweeted that romney has to fire the guys around him. he said he is going to have to get some real pros on his team. >> i love chicago re
years ago. we had a conversation about her being part of when i was at cnn the coverage of the very last shuttle mission. >> so when you -- when you did this lo those many years ago, did you have a sense that she was going to make history? >> well i hoped she was. i mean to have a friend a teacher, who could have done that was great. my finger were crossed but there was no guarantee that she was going to be the one but she was really good. she was really smart. >> she was your ta. i can't imagine there were too many women who were tas in, you know. >> no, very fews. basically even though she inspired so many millions she convinced me not to be an astro naught because she was far smarter than i was. i decided i will go into journalism. we will let her be the astronaut. >> since she stopped flying she has really pushed this issue. >> dedicated her life to science, especially creating sally ride science in san diego. >> what's that? >> it's mission it is to largely encourage girls but students of all persuasions to keep excited about science, to study it
to follow your lead. i'm talking about rapper frank olson, and mr. anderson cooper my buddy from cnn. >> yeah, it has been a great week, and i have been doing a lot of press on that topic this week. and a couple of schools of thought, there is one journalist who said coming out is no big deal anymore. so this is basically finished -- >> yeah, if john boehner does it, it's a big deal trust me. >> yeah. that's a little bit off the mark. i like that it shouldn't be a big deal. of course it shouldn't be. it shouldn't be something somebody has to announce but that's where we are. and somebody did an interview yet from somebody from barrat. and the different ways that people are coming out now. and anderson cooper just responded to a letter -- to an email that he was given, and i think what is really important to remember is truly not necessarily the person -- of course it's the person that comes out, but it's about their audience -- >> exactly. >> to whom they are speaking. and i think frank ocean has a very similar coming out. he had records that will drop next w
into the theater, because how could he have gotten through the rear entrance. now cnn is reporting there was a door that was propped open. does this indicate to you he was there earlier and did it himself or there might be a conspiracy? >> that's very good what you said. because you go to the earlier show and prop it open -- >> and again, there was no earlier show. he went to the first screening at midnight -- >> and those emergency exits are usually alarmed, so you would think that something would have been alerted. >> well, this is going to be the interesting thing over the entire weekend because as we're speaking you have parents en route from another state. you have bomb squad at the scene, all of the victims that are still alive let's say being interviewed about what they saw, what they heard. if they can get one nugget of additional information -- we saw him talk quickly to this other guy and the other guy ran away -- anything of that nature. then you have another whole squad of people going through his computer his cell phone, everything -- by tonight, tru
. >> predicting the future? >> cnn,. they are about as accurate as monk earnings good at telling you what happened and terrible at telling you what happened. if you want to saul any of the world's large problems whether it's energy and we can talk about energy health. we can talk about food obesity all of those things. best thing to do is rely on young technologists, young scientists to invent the future we need. almost anything we want can be invented. since we started with green, it's almost career now we can produce oil that's renewable about the same price, maybe even cheaper than deep offshore drilling or the dirty i am sands in canada. it's clear we can double the efficiency of engines. so we use half as much oil and most of that half, we can produce what out defying the laws of economic gravity. i am absolutely a believer. introducing light bubbles that use 75% electricity and journeys engines that use half of the oil, make that renewable, new kinds of batteries. just about everything can be reinvented i there were to you say that and i travel across
, finally this last politician was asked by cnn whether he would release his tax returns, and he said, i would. you know who said all of those things? all republicans. representative pete pete sessions of texas republican, representative walter jones of north carolina. former mississippi governor haley barbour. listen mitt, to the members of your own party and shows us the money! so here to discuss his taxes -- not your taxes but mitt romney's taxes is former arizona republican congressman j.d. hayworth. j.d., glad to have you inside the "the war room." >> here we are! let's do battle. >> come on! no, i don't want to show you up. >> whoa! whoa! >> those are fightin' words. i know. democrats, though, are suggesting mitt romney should release his tax returns because the implication is that he's hiding something. do you think he's hiding something? >> not democrats. we saw a trio of my republican colleagues. sure i've got my son john micha here tonight. i'd like to think like father, like son. george romney released the records in '68. you know the obama media culture would say, there is so
. she was just recently on cnn. >> one of the most important thing i hear over and over again is that they're victimized a second time. not only are they raped or sexually assaulted they then are humiliated, they're forced out of the military. they are treated like they have some kind of behavioral problem and it is swept under the rug. >> cenk: all right, in fact, 3,000 advocates have called on the house arms service committee chairman to hold hearings on lackland specifically. among groups is the group called "protect our defenders." we have brian with us to talk about it. brian, great to have you here. and first let me ask you if lack lackland unfortunately is representative of what is happening in the military, or is a case by itself in the series of sexual assaults that has happened there. >> i wish we could say it's just one case, but this has gone on for decades. you mentioned the petition launched by "protect our defenders," launched by the tail hooking whistle blower. that was back in the 90s the air force scandal. she decided to speak up again because nothing has ch
on every network there is, normally he hides in fox news. now he's everywhere. so here he is on cnn explaining whether he is going to release his tax returns to clear all this up. >> romney: i know there will always be calls for more. people always want to get more, and you know, we're putting out what is required plus more that is not required. those are the two years that people are going to have. that's all that is necessary for people to understand something about my finances. >> cenk: in other words, nope i'm not going to put it out. apparently what ever is in his tax returns are massively damaging. at this point politically speaking, he's bleeding from the ear. he's hurt, dog. don't ask if i'm already. nevertheless he still won't put out his tax returns. could there an felony? >> one of his top visors suggested you may have committed a felony when it comes to the sec filings about exactly when you turned over the management. i would like to give a chance to respond. >> romney: well, of course that's ridiculous. and disturbing to come from their campaign, and beneath the dignit
people view the economy going forward. there was a recent cnn poll very interesting, people are optimistic about where the economy is going. they're not as pessimistic as the romney camp thought they were going to be. you see decent numbers continue to stack up. we're moving in the right direction. >> eliot: a sense of optimism is increasing. i'm going to do something with no upside. i'm going to predict we get 175,000 or above private sector job creation tomorrow. if we do, that will be a great number for the president and the their at this begins to look good for him. mitt romney should stay at the lake. he won't be elected. ben white economy reporter with politico. sam sered, thank you very much. >> richard blumenthal from connecticut joins us after the break. this week, failing is good and wall street is bad. what else does vc billionaire vinod khosla think? and everyone likes 50% more cash -- well, except her. no! but, i'm about to change that. ♪ every little baby wants 50% more cash... ♪ phhht! fine, you t
, not criminals. strong words. here is new york city mayor michael bloomberg going further on cnn last night. >> i don't understand why the police officers in this country don't stand up and say we're going to go on strike. we're not going to protect you unless you, the public, through your legislature do what is required to keep us safe. the only reason to have an armor piercing bullet is to go through a bullet resisting vest. the only people who wear bullet resisting vests are police officers. when we hear shots we runaway. they run towards it. >> jennifer: today mayor bloomberg called for political action quote the two candidates are back to politics as usual. if not now when is the time for them to outline their solutions to gun violence? the very sad fact is that it is not gone gonna happen. politicians from both parties seem to be speaking with now is not the time to discuss the gun control line. even senator chuck schumer who led the weapons bans effort in 1994 said there wasn't much point in trying to reinstate it. take a listen. >> i hope it would be an effect. but we see what is in the h
the time over at cnn and he lives in my neighborhood. i think a lot of folks already knew this. it wasn't like it was a big secret i think we should be grateful that now we're in a period where huge cnn anchors can do that. >> it is very liberating when someone who everybody already knows is gay comes out and says they're gay. >> very pioneering move. i think it is great that cnn has an anchor who is fearless about coming out as being gay one year after it was done already. >> also, i think the only reason i would have thought he was gay is if he had been a republican congressman. >> john: exactly right. the larry king syndrome. you've been on hold a long time, bill in missouri. what's up. good morning. >> caller: how are you? >> john: thank you for waiting, sir. >> caller: i just wanted to point out how republicans like -- everybody seen that kid at walmart that's always gotten their way. when they're told no, they throw a tantrum and get a swat on the behind. >> john: what's the other one? >> caller: and als
to order 6,000 rounds on the internet. i would have been on cnn somewhere. since it is going up, let's do what the right-wingers say. why don't everybody who's been discriminated against women african-americans, latinos gay people, what if we all go get a gun and keep it and the next time one of the crazy crazies ready to pop a cap on one of them. that's what it looked like it. is crazy. like you said, it is insane for anybody to own a weapon, you know a semi-automatic. let's just be real. so okay since everybody should have a gun okay, why don't we? take them up on it and then the next time one of them gets crazy, pop a cap in one of them. >> stephanie: toni, now you're scaring them on purpose. gays with guns. [ screaming ] >> caller: that's okay. >> stephanie: dana in maryland. you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> is that a glock or are you just happy to see me? >> stephanie: did that go off in your hand? dana in maryland, you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: good morning, everybody. i sent
saying yesterday on cnn he would release his tax returns if he were in romney's shoes. all of this along with the obama campaigns attacks on outsourcing under bain capital has romney working to put itself on the offensive. a new web site calling obama the real outsourcer in chief. the web site obama nomics said he took money from the stimulus package and sent it overseas. "the washington times" reports it offers no citations or public documents. >> by contrast, stephanie cutter has used twitter to post a link defending the president's record on protecting u.s. jobs. that document gives detailed links to news articles for each and every point. we're back with more money and politics at the top of the next hour. and you can join us live in chat right now authorities found him alone and unconscious in his car after a couple of accidents outside of l.a. over the weekend. he's back in d.c. and does face felony hit and run charges for >>(narrator) we are the trailblazers, the truth seekers. we are the ide
television news. 34 versus 17%. gallup did note the survey was taken before cnn, fox botched the news on the supreme court. >> bill: now it would be even lower. a lot of those people who don't trust the news, where do they go? they go to fox right? idiots. >> peter and bill can tell you what they want about the major league baseball all-star game but lots of americans watched the game. >> i like the all-star game. i'm a supporter. >> viewership is up 3% over the last year according to nielsen. about 11 million people tuned in to watch the broadcast on average. gave fox its highest prime time rating since the finale of "american idol." >> wow. >> that show is not a huge accomplishment because there's not a lot of tv in the summer that's worth watching. >> baseball numbers are iffy on tv. >> bill: i'm surprised they did that well. just proves that -- >> that you were wrong. >> bill: american people have no taste. all right. thank you. hey, what about that mitt romney down at the naacp yesterday? boy, hit it ou
a warm and fuzzy guy. >> bill: he's not warm and fuzzy. he was on cnn with piers morgan. he asked about bush v. gore, yeah he doesn't really have any tolerance at all for people who still complain about that decision. >> that comes up all the time. my usual response is get over it. >> bill: get over it. we five of us decided who the next president is. five of us trampled the constitution, threw the u.s. electoral system out the window, get over it. and by the way don't blame me. blame al gore. >> my court didn't bring the case into the court. it was brought into the courts by al gore. he is the one who wanted courts to decide the question. richard nixon thought that he had lost the election because of chicago, he chose not to bring it into the courts. >> bill: what was wrong with al gore thinking the courts might decide a case of law. that statement is to just unbelievable! >> there is a certain level of decorum that you would expect from a supreme court justice. >> bill: not from antonin scalia. >> get
trader gets exempted from the stock act and he first claims it didn't happen, and finally when cnn proved that his office took that -- or made that exemption -- who does he think he is? this allows for things that would put you and me in prison and it is allowed for him and his spouse. >> yeah and wayne, i mean it seems like it's just one story after another. it is more and more crystalizing, this election is about the 1% versus the 99%. eric cantor and his friends are pushing us towards this fiscal cliff again -- >> exactly. >> at having defend the top 1%. >> everyone should be united to cane a phrase, which basically says all of this corporate money needs to be eliminated in the elections. and that means these corporations are going to continue to buy these elections. and there needs to be an amendment that says corporations are not natural persons. however, this is how far our country has gone in people being able to purchase elections. and i think it's totally wrong. >> wayne here is the president breaking down the fight. >> 98% of american families won't
during an appearance on cnn. >> there's about $35 billion of the energy loans that have been guaranteed to different companies. president obama simply doesn't understand it is the free enterprise system, the private sector, the productivity sector, not the government sector that creates long-term self-sustaining jobs. all of his efforts are toward growing government and those are economic models that we know don't work. take a look at the soviet union, venezuela, an economic basket case. is anyone moving to the economic paradise of cuba. >> stephanie: i love this. she said you're surely not suggesting the idea of the concept behind solyndra is comparable to the soviet union and cuba, right? he said no, i'm suggesting because when you take taxpayer money like mitt romney did in massachusetts -- >> right. >> stephanie: that's a taxpayer at risk of blah, blah, blah. o'brien said didn't it work in massachusetts? isn't that what romney did in new hampshire? he's like listen -- at past is the past. >> the pat
am glad we heard that story from nbc and not cnn because -- should i go there? >> feel free. >> i am not going to go there. >> i am not going to stop you. >> anyway, dan henning, thank you very much. so last week the story bubbled up about how ralph lauren outfitting our athletes for the opening ceremonies and they have these nice, you know suits and pants and whatnot and that ralph lauren's outfits for our 580 athletes marching into the stadium in london on friday night, that they were not made in the united states but made in china. and a lot of folks said so what? a lot of things are made in china these days . the issue here is that the textile industry in the united states has lost over a million jobs over the last decade. there are still some quality outfits and suits and textiles that are made right here. hickey freeman, for example, and hard shaft never, marks all of my suits are made by those two ever since i saw a textile mil disclose in the 1990s and saw what it did to the town, this is one thing i am going to do. i am going to buy my suits am
. >> the olympics are getting competitive in the political ad race. restore our future tells cnn it is going to run ten days of ads in 11 states, july 31st. it's going into michigan and wisconsin for the very first time. the obama campaign is going to spend $6.5 million during the olympics and during the opening ceremonies. and ann romney is telling cbs the complain is talking about a woman for vice president candidates for her husband. one of the names at the top of the list would be the new hampshire senator who marched with mitt romney yesterday in a parade. what else does vc billionaire vinod khosla think? it's like chicken and crunchy stuff got married! i only use french's french fried onions on my crunchy onion chicken because it's america's number one brand. just minutes to make, then bake! you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! a
to a poll released last october. cnn point togher surveys saying that more people believe many protecting gun ownership rather than controlling it. we are back with more after the break. stay with us. few others are going. >>it doesn't get anymore real than this. >>occupy! >>the award winning series "vanguard" only on current tv. rich, chewy caramel rolled up in smooth milk chocolate. don't forget about that payroll meeting. rolo.get your smooth on. now in minis. [ man ] ever year, sophia and i use the points we earn with our citi thankyou card for a relaxing vacation. ♪ ♪ sometimes, we go for a ride in the park. maybe do a little sightseeing. or, get some fresh air. but this summer, we used our thankyou points to just hang out with a few friends in london. [ male announcer ] the citi thankyou visa card. redeem the points you've earned to travel with no restrictions. rewarding you, every step of the way. >>(narrator) bill press is on current tv. >>liberal and proud of it. >>(narrator) unafraid, outspoken, and above all politically direct. >>we'll do our best t
. what is that based on? yesterday, ehud barak the defense minister of israel was on cnn. wolf blitzer interviewed him and asked him directly about how good a friend has barack obama been? i want you to listen to that. it starts with wolf blitzer, of course. >> how would you describe the relationship today? >> i think that from my point of view as defense minister, there are extremely good -- extremely deep and profound. i can see administrations on both sides of political aisle deeply supporting the state it supports feeding among american people. they should tell you that this administration under president obama is doing in regard to our security more than anything that i can remember in the past. >> bill: more than any other president in the past. barack obama. so what is this deal that obama's not strong enough supporter of israel? >> israeli officials have said similar statements in the past couple of years. the best friend israel's ever had. strong support. of course, we give them about $3 billion a year
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